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The 2017 conference of the German INLA in Bonn was the last major international event staged so far by the German Branch. The next event will be an online seminar on nuclear liability in German language only, to be held on 9 March 2022. More information can be obtained on the German version of this website.


Published in May 2019: the proceedings of the Regional Conference 2017 in Bonn. The majority of the contributions is in English.


The German members of the “Association Internationale du Droit Nucléaire (AIDN) / International Nuclear Law Association (INLA)” in 1984 established a German Branch of AIDN/INLA. The German Branch is a registered non-profit organisation with legal personality under German law.

AIDN/INLA was founded in 1972. It is a worldwide private organisation of lawyers who, in their respective professional activities, deal with the legal issues connected with the use of nuclear energy and ionising radiation. AIDN/INLA is neither an association promoting nuclear energy nor is it opposed to the use of nuclear energy. It is a learned society and a forum for the exchange of information and for the discussion of nuclear law questions at international level. The legal seat of AIDN/INLA is Brussels. Homepage: AIDN/INLA.


The German Branch

According to its Statutes, the objectives of the German Branch are the promotion of scientific research in the field of national and international nuclear energy and radiation protection law including related fields of law. Main instrument to achieve these objectives is the organisation of conferences and seminars. Those events are meant to complement, at regional level, the worldwide conferences “Nuclear Inter Jura”, which are held by the international AIDN/INLA.

Chairman of the German Branch of AIDN/INLA from its foundation in 1984 was Dr Norbert Pelzer. Upon his resignation in 2010, he was elected Honorary President. His successors were Dr Norbert Schneider (2010-2012) and Dr Christian Raetzke (2012-).

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